insurance surveys for thatching thatched roof

Thatched Roof Insurance Surveys –  Inspection Reports

Whether you are buying or selling a property with a thatched roof or planning a new extension, you may require help with a report of inspection for your insurance company.

At Premier Master Thatchers we have over 20 years of thatching experience, for all kinds of properties from old churches and listed buildings, through to new buildings and extensions.

For thatched property owners preparing to sell their homes, we are also experienced in preparing written roof reports to aid you in selling your home.

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Insurance report produced within 24 hours.
I asked premier master thatchers to preform a thatching report on my property for insurance purposes. The gentleman turned up on time he was polite and send the report within 24 hours.

Why are Thatched Roof Insurance Surveys needed?

Many thatch insurance companies require a thatched roof insurance survey carried out before they will issue insurance. Having your thatched roof professionally  surveyed is a great idea even if you already have insurance, as it will let you know whether you have the correct thatch insurance. The insurance companies are principally concerned with fire risk.

So you may wish to think about the following:

  • Is the roof currently protected by any safety measures?
  • Has the thatched roof been regularly maintained?
  • Was the original thatcher a trusted company?
  • Have there been any alterations made to the house such as extension?
  • What material has been used for the thatch?
  • Is the chimney lined and when was it last swept?
  • Are there any open fires or wood burning stoves in the house?
  • Are there any trees located close to the house?
  • Is there a recent electrical certificated?