Thorough re-ridging of thatched properties in Oxfordshire

The health of any thatched roof ridge is essential to a strong, secure and lasting roof. Premier Master Thatchers’ re-ridging service is carried out carefully, thoroughly and with the utmost attention to detail. We offer a choice of ridges to suit the size and style of your thatched property.

This is carried out quickly and efficiently with a minimum of fuss. Our process involves:

  • Removal of old wire
  • Repairing the thatched coat underneath
  • Removing unwanted remains of the old ridge
  • Ensuring the base is solid with the right pitch before applying the new ridge
  • Finishing and perfectly securing the new ridge

Superior re-ridging thatching services at great value prices in Oxfordshire

At Premier Master Thatchers we undertake a huge amount of thatched roof work under customer’s insurance policies. We are happy to carry out an on-site survey or provide a report for your insurance company.

We are also well known for advising and creating reports for prospective thatched roof home owners, or those who have just made their first thatched property purchase.

If you’re planning an extension on your thatched property, we can advise and liaise with your architect and construction company.

For a FREE site survey or to arrange a thatched roof inspection call us NOW on 01869 250 292. Contact Us