moss removal from thatched roof

Why it is important to remove moss from a Thatched Roof

Moss removal from a thatched roof is important because moss and lichen changes the colour and reduces how long a thatched roof will last. If you don’t remove it,  it will continue to spread and effect its performance.

Moss is caused by damp, and occurs mostly on shaded areas and on north facing surfaces. It continues to grow year round and needs to be removed by professionals to prevent further damage.

Removing the Moss – “De-mossing”

De-mossing is an extremely important for thatched roofs. The roof needs to be inspected before starting to remove the moss,  this will identify where the moss is growing, the causes and preventative steps that can be taken to prevent it coming back.  For instance a large overhanging tree may be casting a shadow and causing the roof to remain wet for long periods,  if the tree was correctly pruned this may solve the problem.

When it comes to moss removal from a thatched roof, it is important to remove the damp thatch below the surface, if the thatch remains wet it will deteriorate in no time at all.  It is important to use a professional moss removal service to ensure that the roof lasts.

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