Straw Animals

Decorate your thatched roof

With a wide range of creative straw animals, get in touch with Premier Master Thatchers in Bicester to help decorate your thatched roof in a quirky and creative way. We offer excellent garden straw animal at reasonable rates. 

Thatched straw animals

Looking fantastic, straw animals, created by Premier Master Thatchers lend another angle of creativity and beauty to your home or thatched roof. No animal is ever the same, so you have a unique thatched animal at your property. We will take your request, design, create and install your thatched friend.
A straw bird
Creative and quirky straw animals for your home and thatched roof
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Total care for your thatched roof

We are members of the guild of Straw Craftsmen, so you can be sure you are in the right hands. Whatever your thatching needs are, get in touch with Premier Master Thatchers right away. From re-thatching and re-ridging to patching and roof maintenance, we cover it all. Located in Bicester, our experts will be glad to visit your property and discuss all your roofing needs. Get in touch with us for more details or read through our testimonials
A pile of straw
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